drunk driving

Automotive VR Experience Puts Drunk Driving Into Perspective

A video called "Decisions" produced by Diadeo shows the reality of driving while under the influence of alcohol

Advertising Lyft Gives Free Rides To Those Who Have Had Too Much To Drink

Thanks to a new partnership between the ride sharing service and Budweiser, drunk passengers are able to receive free rides

Home Three Apps Curbing Drunk Driving

A number of apps help the inebriated calculate their blood alcohol level, get a ride home, or find a place to sober up

Advertising Urine-Analyzing Toilets Warn Clubgoers Against Drunk Driving

Innovative idea in Singapore helps the government tackle drivers who are operating cars with blood alcohol that is over the legal limit.

Technology Parking Lot With Breathalyzer Stops Drunk Drivers

For the organization Responsible Young Drivers, Publicis Brussels created a barrier that stops people from operating a vehicle under the influence.

Home Delayed Response Mirrors Show Drunk Drivers How Slow Their Reflexes Are

'Drunken Mirror' display to bar goers how their reflexes decrease as they drink as a way to stop them from driving home.

Innovation Talking Urinal Cakes Tell Men Not To Drink And Drive

200 bars in Michigan now have interactive urinal communicators that advise drunk customers to call a cab, hopefully cutting down on DUIs.

Innovation Future Technology May Prevent Drunken Drivers From Starting Their Cars

A technology that automatically prevents drunken driving was recently demonstrated for US transportation officials.

Technology $73,000 Bar Tab Makes Customers Think Twice About Drunk Driving

How do you make people aware of driving drunk when they don't think it's a big deal?