Beauty Stryx disrupts grooming with makeup products and packaging designed specifically for men

Direct-to-consumer corrective cosmetics brand Stryx was developed specifically for men’s skin, taking stubble and skin texture into account. The dual working coverup stick and tinted moisturiser come in plain black packaging and are designed to be matte and imperceptible when applied. Stryx is leveraging its social media channels to start new conversations and educate male consumers on makeup application and more.

Brand Activation & Immersion A Decade Of Change: Seven Shifts That Will Continue To Impact The 2020s

Seven shifts tracked by PSFK reports that will continue to drive retail, CX and shopper experience innovation over the next decade.

Children PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Nike Adventure Club's GM On Using Subscriptions To Solve Consumer Pain Points

Prior to taking the stage at PSFK's Future of Retail 2020 Conference, Dave Cobban speaks about designing a service that adds value to consumers' everyday lives—and solves longstanding pain points within children's apparel retail

Cafe & Restaurant Equal Parts kitchenware offers customers on-demand cooking coach access with purchase

DTC cookware brand Equal Parts offers customers 8 weeks’ worth of free access to a cooking coach with the purchase of any Equal Parts cookware kit to help them develop skills and confidence in the kitchen. Coaches are online from 4:00 to midnight every weekday, and then noon to midnight on the weekends to serve any on-demand needs, enabling users to chat with them via text or Slack and get real-time answers to their cooking queries.

Delivery & Logistics Nike Adventure Club subscription footwear service delivers kids' shoes to home on a rolling basis

Shoewear brand Nike has created a subscription service for children’s shoes, making it easy for parents to get new shoes as their children grow out of them. Members pay a flat monthly fee and can choose to receive new shoes on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, with the option to skip months or swap sneakers if they don’t fit or if their child doesn’t like them. The online site makes it easy for kids to select the style of shoe they want, from performance shoes for sporting activities to casual lifestyle styles for everyday wear. In order to make the unboxing experience more fun, Nike customizes each box with the child’s name and includes stickers and booklets with ideas for outdoor activities.

Fashion & Apparel Outerwear brand The Arrivals hosts multi-city immersive shopping experiences

DTC outerwear brand The Arrivals always opens immersive holiday pop-ups, and this year’s OutThere Lab is no different. The weather-themed space highlights the climates of Tokyo, New York and Berlin in three separate spaces, each featuring clothing options for them. Vignettes featuring titles like “The Alpinist” show shoppers how to wear The Arrivals head-to-toe.

Case Study This Groundbreaking Startup Plans To Build A Garden In Every Back Yard

With a growing consumer interest in wellness, sustainability and coaching startups, Avalow is poised to become a major name in home gardening

Analysis Boomer Consumers Are Transforming Their Diets With The Help Of Brands Like Danone

Not only do today's older consumers have particular nutritional needs—they also are demanding healthier options, and new offers from health-focused food and beverage companies are answering their request

Food & Beverage Meet The Cookware Co Sharpening Consumers' Kitchen Skills With On-Demand Cooking Coaches

Equal Parts is combining its line of 15 kitchen basics with live help from a group of cooking coaches to build consumers' kitchen confidence and intuition in the age of takeout

Consumer Goods This Startup Taps Into Cleaner Water And Eliminates Plastic Waste

The well-intentioned startup oollee provides a subscription service that purifies water for customers, making clean water more accessible

Baby Boomers Why Brands Like Scooter Of Life Are Tailoring Offers For Older Audiences

Baby Boomers have real buying power, but they're often overlooked by brands large and small. These companies now offer product experiences specifically for them

Merchandising & Curation Casper Wants To Help Customers Get Better Sleep With Foray Into CBD

The DTC mattress brand now offers CBD gummies, which were created in collaboration with edibles company PLUS, to make sleep easier

Design Everlane Expands Its Brick-And-Mortar Presence With Curated Brooklyn Shop

With a store in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, the digital native is investing in its physical footprint and betting big on in-store shoppers

Interview ASYSTEM Is Out To Improve Men's Skincare, Nutrition And Editorial

The brand-new platform is designed to make it easier for men to take care of themselves, combining skincare and supplements with an educational blog