Beauty Dubai Mall Shoppers Can Have On-Site Skin Analyses At AI Beauty Store

Lululab's AI beauty store and Lumini, a virtual skincare assistant, provides unique and personalized beauty experiences like live skin analyses to Dubai Mall shoppers

Automotive Pirelli's Tire Boutique Offers White Glove Service To Prestige Car Owners

P Zero World is a premium take on service and support to improve the safety and driving pleasure of supercar owners

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Emirates Flyers Can Book Their Seats From Within A Virtual First-Class Cabin

The Dubai-based airline lets consumers virtually sit in the aircraft seats and go through the minibar on their smartphones before booking on the airline's app, giving consumers better pre-purchase information as well as sense of control over their experience

Automotive Virgin's Hyperloop One Debuted Its High-Speed Vehicle Prototype In Dubai

The commuter pod will be able to relay passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (over 85 miles) in just 12 minutes

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services The Dubai Government Has Unveiled Its Own Cryptocurrency

Citizens will be able to use the blockchain-based currency via an app on their smartphones

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel The Dubai Airport Can Now Scan Every Traveler's Face Via A Video Tunnel

New security checkpoints will get added to airports in Dubai as more than 124 millions are expected to pass through it by 2020

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Tesla Is Helping Build An Autonomous Transportation Network In Dubai

The agreement is part of Dubai’s commitment to transform 25% of Dubai’s total transportation to self-driving mode by 2030

Technology Autonomous Vehicle And Drone Perform Mobile Surveillance

O-R3 uses a four-wheeled ground unit and flying drone to act as a robot security patrol team

Design Future Cities Could Run On Renewables And Share Self-Driving Cars

PSFK interviewed architect, engineer and future visionary Carlo Ratti about working with technology and nature to transform the urban jungle

Advertising IKEA's Blue Bag Instructs Buyers To Transform It Into Other Useful Items

Creative FRAKTA designs include an apron, a baby bib and even a raincoat for pets

Design Dubai Could Have Flying Taxis By As Soon As Summer 2017

Chinese firm Ehang has already tested personal drones in the U.A.E. city

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Wellness Is Changing The Travel Industry

Airport gyms, yoga rooms and local organic eateries are just some of the new health and wellness features popping up at airports internationally

Health How Augmented Reality Can Be An Empathy-Building Tool

Royal College of Art graduate Heeju Kim has designed a Google Cardboard application that is paired with a collection of awkwardly shaped candies meant to impede speech

Children Robots Could Be Joining Dubai’s Police Force In 2017

The real-life RoboCops can salute, shake hands and collect traffic fines