Dutch Design Week

Design Reconfigurable Hotel Can Adapt To The Needs Of The City Around It

The (W)ego structure shows a future where the occupants should expect to have to interact with their neighbors to get to their room

Design Homewear Line Made From Toilet Paper

Dutch Designer Nienke Hoogvliet challenges the notion of toilet paper as waste with a new line of products

Design A Chair to Care for Premature Babies

Furniture piece Embrace provides a private snuggle space for babies and parents, integral in the recovery of a growing child

Home Air Purification Systems You'll Want to Leave Out for Guests to Admire

Fabian Zeijler's purifiers monitor for air humidity and ventilation, cuing owners to open a room's air flow with subtle movements

Design Poetry Made Of Lines Of Sand Disappear Without A Trace [Video]

Dutch artist Gijs van Bon manifests the temporary nature of public art by writing out poems with sand.

Design Magnetic Furniture Snaps Together For Easily Assembly [Pics]

Flat-pack pieces that are even easier to assemble than those from IKEA.

Home Modified Pinboard Toy Lets You Create Music With Your Fingers [Video]

A new toy/musical instrument brings a tactile element to digital music.

Design Splashes Of Paint Transform Concert Posters Into Map Directions [Pics]

Ekko-bound visitors to the Dutch city of Utrecht could follow designer's trail to the venue.

Innovation A Plastic Made From The Shells Of Dead Beetles [Pics]

Artist remakes insect shells into wearable accessories and distinctive ornaments.

Work A Multisensory Dining Experience At Dutch Design Week

STIMULI leverages the psychological phenomenon of synesthesia to create unexpected taste sensations.

Design Transparent AR Windows Transform Bus Rides Into History Lessons [Video]

Public transportation buses that educate commuters about historically accurate events using smart screens.

Advertising How One Culture Continues To Dominate The Design Industry

Take a deeper look at how and why the Dutch are a constistent powerhouse nation in the fashion world.

Home Fungus-Filled Chair Fuses Living Organisms With 3D-Printing [Pics]

Eric Klarenbeek’s Mycelium Chair was 3D-printed using living fungus, which grows inside of the piece to give it strength.

Advertising Public Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers [Pics]

Foldable chairs with movable petal-like seats provide useful seating and aesthetic design.