Technology Microsoft's New E-Paper Sticky Note Runs On Ambient Light

Researchers have developed the first e-ink display powered entirely by office bulbs

Advertising E-Paper Truckside Ads Provide Real-Time Updates For Drivers

The mobile advertisements are GPS-triggered, offering location-specific information for surrounding motorists

Advertising London Bus Stops Are Experimenting with E-Paper Displays

The solar-powered displays reveal important information like arrival times and routes

Design Digital Canopy Creates A 'Sunroof' On Subway Trains

The ‘Canopy’ is a concept that would attach to the roof of a train car to give riders a view of the outside world they’re passing. The flexible ‘e-paper’ would show passing landmarks and weather information.

Technology Read & Watch Digital Content On 'Smart' Paper

Flexible plastic sheets to go into commercial production next year.

Advertising LG's Flexible Screens To Debut In Europe Next Month [Headlines]

The tech giant will release a bendable e-reader in April.