Retail Amazon To Sell E-Books To The Largest School District In The U.S.

Selling digital books to NYC students through an internal marketplace

Technology Best of 2014: Meet the YotaPhone 2 - both an e-reader and tablet

By building an ereader into a mobile phone YotaPhone could be a bigger threat to the Kindle than the iPhone

Gaming & Play Candle Smells Like Old Books And Musty Libraries

This candle could get book lovers into e-readers.

Technology Digital Tool Tracks Illegal E-Book Sharing

Subtle textual changes made to punctuation and words can track pirated copies of electronic texts.

Technology UK Hotel Replaces Bedside Bibles With Kindles [Headlines]

The Hotel Indigo's Newcastle location is ditching the standard hardcover bible in favor of an electronic edition.

Technology Amazon To Release Front-Lit Kindle [Headlines]

Readers will now be able to read from the e-reader in the dark, instead of having to attach an external light to the device.

Innovation Study Reveals Mobile Magazine Reader Behavior [Headlines]

Tablet and e-reader ownership boosts consumer engagement with digital editions, and shows desire for more electronic newsstand apps.

5 Reasons Why Amazon's Tablet Is The Only Real iPad Alternative [Headlines]

Why the as-yet unreleased Amazon tablet may pose the only real threat to Apple's iPad.

Work Kindle Cloud Reader Uses HTML5 To Dodge Apple's Tough App Restrictions [Headlines]

The Kindle Cloud Reader by Amazon uses HTML5 to work outside the Apple App Store regulations so that it can be highly adaptable to other devices.

Advertising New Book Hits #1 On Amazon With the Help of Piracy

A new children's book is already enjoying tremendous success because it was pirated earlier this year.

Design Nook Color Gets Apps In New Update

A new update to the Nook Color makes the reader more like a tablet.

Home The Future Of Public Libraries

With easy access to information via the Internet and the rise of ebooks will the purpose of libraries change?

Innovation Book Store Offers Paperbacks In Exchange For Used Kindles

The Microcosm Publishing store says: "Do you want to trade in your soulless faux-literary technology for its worth in good old fashioned books?"

Gaming & Play Future Of Health: Hacking Healthcare

In an effort to develop viable, low-cost, widely-available solutions for a number of pressing healthcare concerns, a growing community of users is taking a DIY approach to bottom-up innovation.