Advertising Japan Wants To Make 2020 Olympic Medals From Recycled Electronic Waste

The Tokyo Games could showcase the first-ever gold, silver and bronze awards made from discarded phones and computers

Design How Berlin Is Revealing The Darker Side Of The Digital World

The Transmediale festival that highlights art, technology and digital culture, embarked on a critical examination of the Internet.

Innovation Simple Toys Made Out Of Hacked E-Waste

Thinkertoys makes pianos out of old keyboards and is committed to converting the world's tech waste into functional toys for children in developing nations.

Technology Mandalah: USP Implements Initiative To Deal With Electronic Waste

University of São Paulo creates a center for the reuse and recycling of computer and telecommunication goods.

Gaming & Play Biomodd Fosters Symbiotic Nature-Technology Sculptures

An open source art project taps into the casemodding subculture for sculptural inspiration and creative solutions to e-waste

Innovation (Video) An Inside Look At E-Waste Recycling

An eye opening video of how electronics are broken down for reuse.

Design Using Electronic Waste To Grow Algae For Biofuel

Students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have worked out a different way to recycle e-waste and produce alternative fuel.

Design Making Gadgets Last Longer: Global Repair Community Relaunches

iFixit, the popular troubleshooting and repair guide site for Apple products, has relaunched by expanding to user-editable repair manuals for all electronic devices.

Technology Online Maps Indicate The Location Of E-waste Collection Centers

São Paulo’s State Bureau for the Environment teamed up with Sergio Motta Institute to create a mashup website displaying the location of e-waste collection centers across the city.

Retail Sears Offers Gift Cards for Your Unwanted Electronics

Sears has teamed up with electronics buy-back company Gazelle to offer gift cards for your unwanted consumer electronics.