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Interview Interview: This Blockchain-Based Platform Lets Consumers Take Control Of Their Data

CEO of SHOP John Wantz explains how his company is empowering everyday shoppers by letting them monetize their data while also helping brands foster direct relationships with customers

Advertising Three Apps That Help Local Restaurants Maximize Potential Revenue

Mobile applications Lulu, Bagbnb and KettleSpace are aimed at helping restaurant owners stay solvent by putting their dead hours to work through providing services unrelated to food

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services The Digital Tools Boosting Productivity In Investment Banking

Using advanced analytics, investment banks can improve accuracy, security and efficiency with strategies from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook

Retail Pinterest Is Aiming To Help Brands And Retailers With Visual Discovery

The platform hopes to connect interested users directly with retailers

Wellness This Interactive AI Bonsai Plant Provides Emotional Support

BonsAI is an artificially intelligent plant from Japanese tech company TDK that functions as friend, pet and greenery all at once

Fitness & Sport Gatorade's Sweat-Analyzing Hydration Patch Knows When You're Thirsty

The beverage manufacturer's color-changing wearable device measures chloride levels in the sweat to determine your state of hydration

Automotive Land Rover Designed A Phone For Adventures In The Great Outdoors

The auto maker's unusual new product launch is mean to demonstrate the brand's rugged design aesthetic

Entertainment This Upstart Sports Network Hopes To Attract Younger Fans

Overtime focuses its mobile-friendly content around the stories of young up-and-coming athletes

Merchandising & Curation 5 Key Disruptors In The Financial Industry

PSFK outlines five trends disrupting finance from our Digital Banking Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft

Beauty Thumbnail Sensor Measures Your UV Exposure

L'Oréal has developed a new battery-free wearable that detects sunlight

Technology Fintech Startup Brings Cryptocurrency Trading To Mobile Banking

Revolut wants to lower the bar for entry into the cryptocurrency market with a service that connects digital currency with regular debit

Delivery & Logistics This Meal-Kit Service Found Its Future In Grocery Stores

Plated, which was recently acquired by Albertsons Companies, thinks standalone meal-kit startups will be out of business by 2020

Design Kickstarter Commissions Encourage Collaboration Between Funders And Creators

Kickstarter is launching a program in which creators engage with their backers to create customized pieces of art

Health Temporary Tattoo Lets Wearers Know When To Get Out Of The Sun

This temporary tattoo informs the wearer when they have had too much exposure to UV rays