Entertainment Audible Taps Alexa To Help Power Customer Support Hotline

Amazon's latest Alexa skill connects Audible listeners to a customer service representative on command

Automotive Drivers Can Interact With Amazon Alexa Via Echo Auto

Drivers can now access the AI assistant from their car with new features like safety assistance that showcase how voice can enhance the driving experience

Analysis How Brands Like Amazon Are Relieving The Stress Of Shopping With Wardrobe Curation

Whether designing a personal wardrobe or pairing previously purchased pieces together to form a stylish ensemble, brands are using AI-enabled technology to provide their customers with personalized shopping and styling

Fashion & Apparel Viewers Can Shop The Wares On Amazon's Upcoming Fashion Series

The retailer hired popular fashion hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for its style-focused program that will allow viewers to immediately purchase the pieces they see on the show

Retail Will Voice-Powered Shopping Be The Death Of Brands?

Rob Curran, head of customer experience at Wunderman, asks: in a world where we ask our AIs to sort out most of our shopping for us, what place is there for brands?

Technology Brooks Brothers Is Using Amazon's Alexa To Build A More Efficient Office

Brooks Brothers takes advantage of Amazon's Web Services program with various Alexa devices spread throughout their office

Advertising Amazon Is Setting Up Pop-Up Stores In Select Whole Foods Locations

In an experiment to boost device sales this holiday season, Amazon is soft-launching a set of pop-up stores within a few Whole Foods locations

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Echo Show is Amazon's latest Alexa-enabled product for the home

Consumer Goods Amazon's New Echo Look Will Scan And Judge Your Outfits

The company has created a new Echo product that catalogs all of a person's clothing and rates them

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