Analysis How Media Brands Like The Economist Use Community To Build Connections With Consumers

Brands are building communities around their content, fostering relationships between customers in order to increase loyalty

Social Clout Is Tomorrow's Cash [Headlines]

Is a 'digital, networked economy' set to replace our cash-based economy?

The Shorter The Skirt, The Better The Economy [Headlines]

An economist from the 1920's has suggested there is a correlation between women's skirt length and the economy.

Design Datarock's High-Concept Album Packaging

The Norwegian electro band follows in Radiohead's footsteps, releasing what they call the most extravagant single in history.

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The expert who coined the term 'creative class' asks if demography is destiny.

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George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the results of a survey listing 132 cities with the highest cost of living from around the world.

Technology The Economist Asks: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

The light bulb represents the moment an idea is sparked and The Economist wants to know exactly where these epiphanies happen with Thinking Space, an exercise in interactive sharing and discovery.

Work Old Media's Return To Charging Will Lead To Boom For PSFK & Co

Piers Fawkes writes an opinion piece in reaction to industry suggestions that mainstream media will return to charging online.