Health How Philips Is Entering The IoT Health Market

The tech company has introduced a connected suite of devices designed to help people lead healthier lives

Advertising Trend Watch: Apartment Farming

Hands-off farming brings the locavore movement closer to home

Home Non-Electric Lightbulb Powered By Bacteria

Students from the University of Wisconsin have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a kit to make a 'Biobulb.'

Design Edible Forest Will Offer Free Food To City Dwellers

An urban food forest in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle will enable locals to pick fruit and vegetables.

Design "Brick & Mortar" Design Creates More Sustainable Plastic Packaging

New research from Texas suggests new ways to make plastic packaging more eco-friendly.

Advertising We Are All Connected [Video]

The WWF's new commercial uses innovative rope sculptures to convey its message on protecting our ecosystem.

Gaming & Play Biomodd Fosters Symbiotic Nature-Technology Sculptures

An open source art project taps into the casemodding subculture for sculptural inspiration and creative solutions to e-waste

Home Plastic Pollution Meets Product Design

Electrolux collected plastic debris from vulnerable marine habitats – and produced a limited number of vacuums out of it.

Design A Secret Wilderness In Detroit

A live art installation documents the wildlife amidst an urban landscape.

Design Seed Bank Helps Make Environment Richer

A special container designed by Marti Guixe motivates people to save seeds from fruits or vegetables instead of throwing them away.

Technology Light & Shadow: Tabletop Augmented Reality

An augmented reality experiment explores an ecosystem consisting of imaginary objects and living beings.

Work Natural Fuse: Towards Designing a Carbon-Neutral System

If given the opportunity to participate in a carbon-neutral system, will people be selfless or selfish?