Gen Z Nimbus Tutoring makes finding tutoring easy with an all-in-one app

Nimbus is a peer-to-peer in-person tutoring platform that connects students to their university’s tutoring program, allowing them to schedule sessions on demand, message and pay tutors in one streamlined app. It currently partners with universities across Canada and Singapore.

Health Subawu+ app helps STEM students find study buddies and tutors

Subawu+ is an app designed to help STEM students find study partners and peer tutors. Created by a student at the University of Illinois, the app enables students to find nearby study partners with similar schedules in order to form study groups. Users can earn study points, which they can redeem for special deals around campus.

Children Sweetgreen X FoodCorps collab teaches students to make healthy meals

Fast-casual salad chain Sweetgreen and nonprofit FoodCorps are piloting three elements of a program called Reimagining School Cafeterias in schools across the U.S., teaching students to create cheap, healthy meals. In three separate schools, students prepare produce, season their food and brainstorm ideas to improve their cafeteria.

Brand Activation & Immersion The Clinton Foundation X Libraries Without Borders advocate for children's literacy in laundromats

Nonprofits The Clinton Foundation and Libraries Without Borders partnered to bring educational materials to laundromats, where the average family spends two hours per week, to increase literacy among children. The project is meant to increase educational time outside of schools, engaging kids where they might otherwise be idle.

Fashion & Apparel The ASOS Foundation's Upcycled Hygiene Products Are Helping Keep Women In School

The online fashion retailer is transforming textile waste into a ticket for young women's undisrupted education and to support their wellbeing, creating re-usable sanitary pads

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Alexa owners could donate school supplies for the back-to-school rush at the end of the summer

During the back-to-school rush at the end of summer, people with Amazon Alexa could donate school supplies by simply saying, “Alexa, donate to Happy School Year.” Amazon’s program shipped fully stocked, $25 backpacks to the nonprofit Communities In Schools, and required almost no effort from charitable voice assistant users.

Consumer Goods Interview: How Feminine Care Company Blume Is Changing The Conversation Around Periods

Swapping 'feminine hygiene' for 'self-care,' subscription service Blume works to de-stigmatize menstruation and sex-ed, positioning itself as a lifestyle partner for teens and providing trusted resources

Shopper Education & Assistance AI-Powered Chatbot Helps Planned Parenthood Educate Teens

Planned Parenthood's Roo assistant is designed to enhance its support for digital-first teens, increasing their access to sex-ed resources

Home Lowe's Workforce Development Network Supports Career Success For Tradespeople

Lowe's program called Gen T aims to de-stigmatize the trades industry, giving trainees greater resources and establishing networks to help them advance their careers

Analysis How Cannabis Retailers Like Namaste Technologies Are Leveraging Digital-First Strategies

These four brands are using a tech-driven approach to make cannabis products, services and information more accessible and personalized for consumers

Beauty Interview: How Aromatherapy Brand vitruvi Blends Skincare With Wellness For Next-Generation Beauty

As vitruvi branches out from essential oils into skincare, the company's co-founder explains how it takes a wellness approach to beauty, empowering consumers with quality, natural ingredients to care for their skin on their own terms

Entertainment Discovery Offers Subscribers Specialty Non-Fiction Video Streaming

Discovery Inc. is expanding its subscription streaming service with BBC non-fiction shows pertaining to food, natural history and more, part of the media company’s strategy to acquire subscribers with specialty content

Interview Interview: How A L'Oréal-Backed Brand Is Changing The Conversation Around Organic Beauty

The founder of sustainable & organic beauty brand Seed Phytonutrients explains how the shift in natural beauty and personal care distribution channels has the potential to benefit everyone, from farmers and brands to consumers and the environment

Automotive Interview: How Rally Rd. Is Reinventing Car Investment For A Sharing Economy

The auto investment platform's co-founder Rob Petrozzo speaks to PSFK about investment equity where it concerns classic cars and other high-ticket items, as well as why the future car experience will be about sharing, not owning