Shopper Education & Assistance AI-Enabled Algorithm Uses Biometrics To Customize Travelers' Vacations

A hotel chain created a smartphone app that curates personalized trips for customers after they've conducted a biometric-capturing quiz, taking personalization to a new level and paring down options to provide optimal results

Advertising An Apparel Brand Built A Wearable Device Powered By Happy Thoughts

Life is Good set out to prove the power of optimism by using happy thoughts to run a water tap

Design Headband Uses Sound To Improve How You Sleep

The Dreem Headband uses special audio programs to change people's habits around sleep

Health Brain-Monitoring Sleep Mask Claims To Provide The Best Sleep Ever

Sleep mask uses EEG technology to promote better rest

Technology Headset Trains Your Mind How To Better Deal With Stress

Melomind was designed to guide users on how to relax during their day-to-day activities

Technology Projecting Our Imagination Onto Buildings with Fractal Reading

Laboratory Connection Codes projects festivalgoers' thoughts onto the Latvian National Museum of Art exhibition hall

Work Let Your Brain Be Your Joystick

MindRDR pushes hands-free interactivity on Android devices—"android" being the key term here

Gaming & Play Pong Controlled With Brainwaves Raises Funds For Charity

The Brain Tumor Charity has created a giant hands-free game on a billboard at a shopping center.

Technology Brain Activity Monitor Sees Memories Form In Real Time

Breakthroughs in neuroscience could allow us to peer into our own minds like never before.

Festival Goers' Brainwaves Create A Virtual Reality World

Conductar lets Moogfest attendees compose music with their brains.

Gaming & Play Digitized Meditation Sessions Become Brain-Powered Art [Video]

"Biomediation" compares the brain to an art creation machine.

Innovation Live Concert’s Light Show Powered By Musician’s Mind [Video]

Former percussionist of the Grateful Dead uses EEG brainwaves to control his concerts.

Advertising Researcher’s Brain Controls People's Movements Via The Internet

Experts have successfully connected two human brains on one telecommunications channel.

Design Headset Measures Cognitive Health In Real-Time

A device that can improve your mental accuity and respond to unspoken commands.