Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Time Your Way Through the Purgatory That Is JFK Airport

BLIP Systems' beacons will provide up-to-date wait times for baggage check, ticket lines, and taxis

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The social news site just got easier to use thanks to this easy to make browsing tool.

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Founder of cultural think-tank Grossman and Partners, publisher of the Zeitguide, takes a closer look into how to best channel one's mental energies into greater creativity and efficiency.

Retail 'Smart' Table Can Identify Different Types Of Baked Goods In One Second [Video]

A visual recognition system on trial at a Tokyo bakery can tell the different types of pastries they sell and automatically calculates the price.

Syndicated Triple Pundit: Can Nike Save The Planet With Waterless Dyeing?

The sportswear brand teams with Dutch company, DyeCoo, to try to reduce pollution.

Technology Smart Sleeves That Will Improve Workplace Efficiency

Sensors worn on arms can measure various assembly worker movements and motion sequences to improve performance.

Advertising Moscow Airport To Allow Flight Check-In Via Skype

The capital city uses simple technologies to make more archaic processes more efficient, but will it be truly effective or is it just a PR ploy?

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TED presenter Gary Lauder rethinks how traffic controls can play a role in saving fuel.

Design Retractable Steering Wheel Makes Driving Easy For Everyone

TRW unveils a steering wheel idea that ensures comfort for drivers with mobility challenges.

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The social network giant hopes to increase collaboration and make the Internet more energy-efficient.

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Ecoinomy's Eco.system adopts a truly holisitic approach to incentivize employees to make a difference to charities, the environment and company savings.

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Sleep expert William Anthony argues that sleeping on the job may actually improve productivity.

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Scientists have found a molecule that promises to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

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A designer revisits the shape and form of a hairdryer and comes up with a new, improved version.