Loyalty & Membership Subscription Recipe Boxes Designed To Help Elderly Women Socialize With Neighbors

Social Oven comes filled with recipes, allergen cards and a menu sign that can be hung on doors to entice friends to come over for dinner, encouraging sociability among elderly neighbors

Design A Device Can Monitor The Health Of Elderly Relatives

Using low-power radar, Welbi can track heartbeats and breathing rates

Home This Company Is Developing Home Monitoring Technology to Assist Caregivers

To help those caring for elderly loved ones, Howz lets users to set up and maintain a custom monitoring plan

Health Bluetooth Tag Helps Locate Wandering Patients In Cities

Japanese cities could find small Bluetooth trackers in businesses to help track a dementia patient who lost their way home

Retail This Postal Service Is Offering Free Home Visits To The Elderly

"You got mail and a friend too!" is what Jersey Post's new Call and Check program is all about

Technology MIT Researchers Are Designing An Autonomous Wheelchair

The self-driving chair will have the capability to map out a general area to then have drivers choose where they'd like to go

Health India Is Issuing All Senior Citizens A Biometric Health Card

The cards contain the cardholder's medical details and other information on a biometrics database

Baby Boomers Exoskeletal Suit Reimagines Technology For The Elderly

The ‘powersuit’ is the brainchild of designer Yves Béhar and superflex, using minute electronic ‘muscles’ embedded within hexagonal cells

Consumer Goods Robotic Companion Helps The Elderly Remain Active And Engaged

Intuition Robotics has created an AI device to help older people with their daily lives to make living independently easier

Technology This Wearable Button Could Help Keep Elderly Patients Safe

The smart device is designed to help monitor the proximity of people with Autism and Alzheimer's

Health 3D-Printed Pills Contain A Whole Day's Medication

National University of Singapore develops ingestible mold to store different medicines

Technology GPS Enabled Shoes Help Keep Track Of The Elderly

The IoT enabled footwear help families monitor elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease

Innovation A Social Robot Designed for the Elderly

Alfie was created to help elderly users stay independent and engaged

Technology “Talking is a Lost Behavior": Messaging for Those In Need of an Ear

As easy as a walkie-talkie, a messaging app is helping you talk more