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Automotive Domino's Enhances Last-Mile Agility With E-Bike Delivery Launch

On top of their existing delivery options, Domino's announced that it will now offer the option for electric bike delivery in select markets

Retail Trade An Old Car For An Electric Bike At This Shop

A bike store in San Francisco is incentivizing sustainability by offering to purchase drivers' old vehicles, in hopes that they'll purchase a bike

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Hub Will Electrify Your Bike In Under 60 Seconds

GeoOrbital makes a regular bike go up to 20 miles per hour and 50 miles per charge

Design IoT Enabled E-Bike Delivers A Smooth Ride

This electric bike looks like any other, but inside the frame lies an advanced form of transportation

Home Electric? Foldable? Smart? Your New Bike Has It All

The CMYK 4.0 is loaded with smart features to ensure a cyclist's convenience, safety and peace of mind

Design Electric Commuter Bike Offers Riders Short-Term Speed Bursts

Faraday bikes hide their electrical components for a stylish, easy ride that offers 20 miles of assisted pedaling

Work IKEA To Sell Electric Bikes To Eco-Friendly Commuters [Pics]

The company is moving away from furniture and will add the FOLKVÄNLIG to their product line.

Luxury App-Controlled Bike Can Call For Emergency Help

The Xkuty One is an electric bike that uses an iPhone as its dashboard and can alert pre-set contacts if it senses that the rider has crashed.

Work Fingerprint Scan Bike Only Lets The Owner Start The Engine [Pics]

The Greyp G12 electrike bike uses a biometric scanner as the ignition.

Design Bike Add-On Motorizes Any Frame [Video]

An electric bike converter that can be installed in seconds and doesn't require any wiring.

Luxury One-Wheeled Motorbike Could Be The Next Segway [Video]

RYNO is a motorized unicycle that is faster than a regular bicycle and takes up less room.

Gaming & Play BMW Concept Car Has Fold-Away Bikes Hidden In Its Trunk

This version of its i3 electric vehicle can house and charge a pair of i Pedelec electric cycles in the back.

Design Smart Car Launches New Electric Model And eMotorcycle At Geneva Motor Show [Pics]

Daimler plans to co-launch the smart fortwo Electric Drive and smart eBike this week.

Technology Box-Shaped Electric Bike Redefines The Scooter

This square-shaped vehicle is eco-friendly, compact and stylish.