Electric Cars

Automotive Hyundai Owners Can Customize Their Driving Experience Via Mobile Profile

The automaker is helping its electric car drivers customize their ride with a mobile app that lets them select and save preferences for max speed, response times, A/C control and more

Advertising Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Roundup: Small Electric Cars, Sci-Fi Concepts and Futuristic Delivery Vans

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show lacked new tech buzz, but didn't hold back on futuristic looking cars, bikes and trucks

Retail Why Volvo Is Going All Electric In 2019

All Volvo car models following 2019 will either be electrically powered or a hybrid

Design Why Is There A Growing Backlash Against Oslo's Car Ban?

When Oslo decided to be the first European city to ban cars from its center, businesses protested

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Company Could Beat Tesla To Developing An Electric Pickup Truck

At around $52,000, the Workhorse has 80 mile range and accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds

Advertising How BMW Is Trying To Make The Case For Electric Cars

BMW has noted the advance of emerging technologies by holding training conferences for employees to understand and embrace these changes

Automotive Shanghai Auto Show Dominated By New Electric Vehicle Concepts

The biennial show hinted at coming wave of electrified SUV's

Technology Uber Goes Electric To Help Save Energy

To battle pollution and promote environmentalism, the ride-sharing company wants you to opt-out of fuel-powered vehicles

Home Homes and Cars Share a Charge with Solar Power Systems

Home energy management can now include your electric car

Work Nissan Foresees Offices Powered by Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have potential to change the way we live beyond transportation

Innovation Electric Car Charging as Easy as Finding a Lamppost

With its consumer-operated device, ubitricity hopes to allow drivers to charge up just about anywhere

Home How Artificial Intelligence Could Put More Electric Cars on the Road

GE is equipping charging stations with AI to get more electric cars driving

Innovation 9 Things You Need To Know Today

Using Google to predict flu outbreaks, Applebee's attempts to automate, and more.

Design Mobile 3D-Printing Lab Lets Workers Make Parts On The Go [Video]

Le FabShop and Renault partner up to install a printer in the back of an electric car.