Electronic Music

Entertainment Louis Vuitton DJ Trunk Appeals To Millennial Taste For Home Sound Systems

The luxury brand tricked out a version of its classic luggage with high-end speakers and everything else a DJ needs

Technology Portable Device Lets DJs Spin Vinyl Without A Needle

This new gadget from MWM lets DJs play and scratch vinyl without using a needle, giving them better control of the audio

Technology VR Club Lets Dancers Immerse Themselves In Artwork That Moves With Their Bodies

Acid house pioneer Danny Rampling announced the celebration in London

Design Electronic Band Kraftwerk Collaborate To Create The Ultimate Techno Bike

Canyon Bicycles works with German band Kraftwerk to produce a limited-edition electronic bicycle to pay homage to the group

Design Turn Pretty Much Anything Into An Instrument Using This DIY Robotics Kit

The hackable and open-source automat hopes to make robotic music production accessible

Advertising Gorillaz Launch Actual Spirit Houses Around The World To Promote Their New Album

The band created a limited run of interactive spaces that are open for anyone to visit for free

Entertainment These Lego-Like Blocks Help Anyone Feel Like A Musician

BLOCKS is a modular, magnetic touchpad device that allow people to easily string together compositions

Features Exhibit Artfully Blends Abstract Expressionism With Techno Music

Photographer Andreas Gursky's new exhibit at the Gagosian gallery in New York caters to a new generation of cultural consumers

Innovation EDM Re-imagined In 3D Visuals - And White Chocolate

Greg Barth creates a glitchy representation of an electronic beat by warping the instruments making it

This Album Is So Exclusive That Listeners Must Hack Linux To Hear It

Experimental electronic band makes their music available only on Github.

Innovation Note-Visualizing Website Will Get You Into The Head Of A Music Producer

Watch the music play as colored lines and dots represent each sound in a song.

Gaming & Play Kill Screen: Virtual Puzzle Game Places Players Inside A Synthesizer

FRACT is a musical exploration game where players reconstruct a virtual world through sound.

Design DJ Machine Creates Mashups At The Push Of A Button [Video]

The MASHine is an interactive installation that allows users to create over 400 audio combinations.

Technology Music Video Offers A Voyeuristic View Of People’s Private Internet Habits [Video]

Holly Herndon's new track features an intimate 3D look at people's desks and workspaces.