Consumer Goods How Brands Like Best Buy Offer Education And Expertise At Every Stage Of The Shopping Experience

Retailers are driving value with consumers by offering them personalized guidance and information at every touchpoint, from the pre-purchase, decision-making stage all the way to post-purchase support

Brand Activation & Immersion Google Moves Away From Pop-Ups With First Permanent Flagship Store

Located in a trendy Chicago neighborhood, the tech company is planning its first standalone location to better showcase its products as well as give it a competitive edge against Microsoft and Apple

Design Plastic Bottle Connects To Wi-Fi Without Electronics

Researchers have created a plastic that relates information on a Wi-Fi signal without needing additional electrical equipment

Technology Circuito.io Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Electronic Circuits

Roboplan created the desktop application Circuito.io for beginners to have a step-by-step guide to building their own electronics projects

Fashion & Apparel PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: The Key To Wearable Tech Is Not To Focus On The Tech

We spoke with Billie ahead of her update talk at PSFK 2017 about the biggest ideas and shifts that we'll be seeing in wearable tech industry in 2017 and beyond

Children Modular Kit Teaches Kids How To Make Their Own Robots

MODI features magnetic modules and a platform for programming to encourage experimentation

Home Samsung's Built-In Home Appliances Are Made To Blend In With Their Surroundings

The new line comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and easy access

Advertising Japan Wants To Make 2020 Olympic Medals From Recycled Electronic Waste

The Tokyo Games could showcase the first-ever gold, silver and bronze awards made from discarded phones and computers

Folding Turbine Charger Lets You Charge Your Phone When Outdoors

Designer Nils Ferber has created a unique device to gather power for your devices, which he says is more portable and effective than any other

Retail Marketplace Lets You Rent Electronics On-Demand Without The Commitment

From smartwatches to cameras, Grover helps people trial devices they may be on the fence about

Food & Beverage Cook And Serve A Whole Meal On This High-Tech Kitchen Table

Electric table can cook, heat and chill dishes all at the same time

Innovation eBay Teams Up with Top Designers to Let Customers Charge Devices in Style

Holiday Collective is a limited edition range of power banks customized by renowned American designers

Work Voxel8 Offers Breakthrough in 3D Electronics Printing

You could be printing your electronic gizmo come Christmas

Design littleBits Now Lets You DIY Your Own Smart Devices

The littleBits Smart Home Kit puts the power of the Internet of Things in consumer hands