Electronics and Gadgets

Technology Skype's Live Chat Translations Help Bridge Language Barriers

A new feature makes waves with real-time audio and text translations.

Gaming & Play Sir David Attenborough Experiments With The Oculus Rift

The virtual reality headset offers new forms of entertainment beyond gaming.

Design Billie Whitehouse: Why Wearable Tech Needs Good Design To Thrive [PSFK 2014]

PSFK talks to Wearable Experiment's Art Director about the intersection occurring today between fashion and wearable technology.

Portraits Seen From The Sky Give A Human Face To Drone Casualties [Pics]

The Not A Bug Splat project places large scale images of people, including children on potential aerial targets.

Innovation Microsoft's TV Shows Turn The XBox Into A Living Room Staple

Original programming features bonus scenes, mini-games and subplots.

Home eBay Envisions A Future Of Commerce-Driven Devices That Track Your Needs

'Zero effort commerce' could open the way to automated personal shopping assistants.

Innovation NFC Nails Could Change The Beauty Industry

Forget glitter. Get LED flashing fingernails for just $12.

Video Selfie Mirror Creates The Perfect Photo Every Time [Video]

New device equipped with facial recognition software feeds the vanity of millions.

Work Are You A Woman Who Wants A Raise? There's An App For That

The French government's "Leadership Pour Elles" app teaches women how to be confident in the workplace.

Design Intricate 3D-Printed Dress Brings Couture To The Home [Video]

The Bristle Dress by architect and designer Francis Bitonti can be made entirely on a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer.

Technology In-Phone Activity Proves To Be A Better Safety Lock Than An Actual Password

New system can identify you by how you interact within your device's interface.