Work View Emails As Cards To Quickly Get Down To 0 Unread

New app makes messages more visual and lets users swipe to delete or archive them

Technology Curated Visual Feed Turns Newsletters into a Personalized Magazine

An app is reshaping how we interact with the content we want to pay attention to

Home Self-Help Projects Promise Happiness In Just 21 Days

Gretchen Rubin’s 21 Day Projects, which include de-cluttering and getting to know yourself better, aim to help people feel happier.

Technology Gmail Extension Detects False Statements In Emails

LazyTruth fact checks the claims in PolitiFact and to tell you if what you’re reading is true or bogus.

Advertising Are Smartphones Replacing Home Computers? [Headlines]

Has the reign of the smartphone finally pushed the personal computer off the market?

Harman: 7 Of 10 Want In-Car Voice Control [Headlines]

Drivers want regular electricity outlets, voice-controlled email, mp3 integration and will pay more for it.

Technology What Happens In 60 Seconds On The Internet [Infographic]

Shanghai Web Designers depict how much is consumed and created in cyberspace in an infographic.

Advertising Springwise: Vacationers’ ‘Out Of Office’ Autoreplies Earn Ad-Sponsored Revenue

New business idea seeker reports on how ad agency Saatch & Saatchi Stockholm paired with production company B-Reel to create a way to monetize automated email responses.

Innovation Newspaper Crowdsources Its Readers To Trawl Through Palin Emails [Headlines]

Nearly 24,000 emails relating to Sarah Palin are being released today and the Guardian is asking its readers for help sifting them.

Technology Managing Email Overload With EmailOracle

An interesting new browser browser plug-in for Gmail helps users keep better track of conversations.

Technology ToneCheck: An Emotional Spell Check For Your Emails

A software plugin aims to eliminate any misinterpretation of text based messages.