Design Portable Panic Button Helps Immigrants In Need

Notifica allows its users to select their contacts with pre-written messages to send out in case of an emergency

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Technology Send Messages Without A Cellular Network

Phone software allows emergency workers to send important info across long distances

Design Rescue Board Is An Inflatable Life Raft That Tilts To Help Drowning Victims

Emergency rescue equipment earns design distinction as convenient and affordable safety product

Gaming & Play Gaming Methods Employed by Likes of 'Call of Duty' Inspire Emergency Response Robots

Free look control increases chances of finding victims inside burning buildings

Home Intelligent Lifeguard Drone Rescues Victims From Drowning

Smart aerial robot prototype successfully performs search and rescue with life preservers.

Technology Smartphone Charger Uses Wrist Movements To Power Up

Off-grid charger lets you generate enough juice to make an emergency call.

Emergency Flashlight Works With Any Type Of Battery

Panasonic creates a handy device that accepts AAA, AA, C or D-type.

Design Shake Your Cell Phone To Charge It

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a novel method for juicing up your mobile that draws energy from piezoelectric force.

Innovation Jacket Can Receive Text Messages For First Responders

Students in Norway have developed a unique jacket to help with communication in emergency situations.

Innovation Cooling Vest Could Help Bystanders Save Cardiac Victims From Brain Damage

A portable clothing item that can prevent neurological adversity in an emergency.

Home Siri Can Handle Emergency Situations Better

Apple's voice-controlled app can save lives if integrated with the current 911 system and healthcare system.

Syndicated Springwise: In Japan, Mini RFID Phone Charm Offers Instant Access To Medical Data

When trouble befalls someone possessing one of Asahi Kasei’s mobile phone accessories, medical personnel can easily use the device to view critical medical information about its owner.

Work CScout Japan: Muji’s Emergency Kits Focus On Design And Function

Japanese company Muji introduces a line of emergency kits which take into account both function and aesthetics.