Food & Beverage Customers Can Buy Produce Using Emojis On Target's Updated Self-Checkout

The retailer introduced new self-checkout features, including emojis that help make shopping more convenient and fun for customers

Design Apple Users Can Customize Emojis To Look Just Like Themselves

With 'Memoji' on iOS 12, characters can be personalized to represent every user with a wide variety of skin tones, hair styles and accessories

Advertising This AR Network Is Trying To Move Social Media Onto The Streets

The Mirage app lets users leave digital messages on real objects for others to discover

Entertainment Interactive Billboards React To Real Time Traffic With Emojis

A new marketing campaign for the popular children's film has billboards in select cities that react to the environment

Millennials Begin Your Next Job Interview With Just A Text Message

Canvas is a startup that wants recruiters to approach prospective employees through texts and emojis rather than voicemails

Technology Emoji Advertisements Come To iOS

2deHands designed stickers as a way for sellers to advertise products they're selling through chat to potential buyers

Design Samsung's Emoji Translation Is Helping People With Speech Disorders

The tech brand has crafted an application for those with aphasia to send emojis as a means of communication

Advertising Grindr Launches Its Own Range Of Emojis

Grindr users now have access to a set of queer emojis for people to express their true feelings

Retail BuzzFeed Now Sells Its Own Brand Of Coffee

The brand's food platform, Tasty, created coffee blends by having users take a personality quiz to determine their preferred flavor profile

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Manage Your Bank Account Using Emojis

Capital One has created Eno, an AI that communicates to customers through text messages about their account and can understand emojis

Gaming & Play Monopoly Could Replace Its Iconic Pieces With Hashtags And Emojis

The board game is holding an online vote to update its figurines with more relevant cultural references

Syndicated These Specialists Will Translate Emojis For You

The agency seeks to help people meet the "challenges posed by the world's fastest-growing language"

Baby Boomers New Emoji Set Depicts The Experiences Of Older Generations

The images have been crafted to reflect the thoughts and experiences of senior users

MoMA Acquires The Original Emoji Set As A Work of Art

The museum has licensed the first 176 emojis for its growing collection of digital pictograms