Design This Startup Is Un-Gendering Sexual Wellness Products

Maude, which launched this month, makes sex products with a minimalist design that amplifies inclusivity and simplicity

Advertising 'Emotyping' Sensor Reads Consumer Emotions

MIT startup mPath developed technology to track consumer feelings and attention, which can be hard to quantify by other means

Packaging & Product Engagement Condoms Redesigned To Promote Consent

Anna Weddle wants to bring the discussion of sexual health about how all parties need to understand the meaning of consent to have safe sex

Retail Female Professionals Can Network In This Women-Only Space In SoHo

A new SoHo space is The Wing‘s first expansion since launching in New York last year

Wellness Empathy Question Cards Build Trust In The Workplace

Coworkers can use this deck of cards from Sub Rosa to get to know each other and settle problems in the workplace more productively

Technology Interactive Digital Avatars Respond To Your Emotions In Real Time

The avatars can mimic human body language and react appropriately to happiness or sadness

Design PSFK 2017: Women Aren't Having Enough Orgasms, So Dame Is Here To Help

Dame co-founder Alexandra Fine talks about designing sex products that close the pleasure gap

Entertainment This Drone Reacts To Humans Like A Loyal Pet

Like those other faithful non-human companions, a new drone can detect human emotions

Health Emotional First Aid Kit Helps People Through Stressful Situations

Graduate designer Rui Sun created an emotional first aid kit made up of five different items to teach others about physically treating mental pain

Food & Beverage Improve Your Mood With AI-Selected Foods

Yolk! is an app designed to detect your emotional state and suggest the appropriate foods that could help improve it

Advertising This Facebook Bot Was Made To Improve Your Sex Life

Lovely Bot was developed as a means to provide relationship tips and sex therapy for couples

Retail PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: How To Close The Pleasure Gap With Product Design Innovation

In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we sat down with Dame Products Co-Founder and CEO Alexandra Fine, who'll be speaking at our PSFK 2017 conference,  discusses her mission to use product innovation to empower the sexual experiences of womankind

Advertising London Bars Fight Sexual Assault With An Empowering Poster

The design focuses on providing people with simple and easy advice to avoid negative situations

Automotive London Tube Campaign Raises Awareness About Loneliness

Happy to Chat badges provide a lifeline for lonesomeness