energy conservation

Design Recycled Exhaust Gases Power This Sauna Village

Sustainable resources are being used to fuel this luxurious getaway in Germany

Automotive Uber Goes Electric To Help Save Energy

To battle pollution and promote environmentalism, the ride-sharing company wants you to opt-out of fuel-powered vehicles

Innovation Energy-Efficient Cookstove Taps Community Women for Innovation

The Zoom Jet is an award-winning burner that moves forward with a gender-inclusive focus

Home Interactive Wall Display Creates Infographics Of Your Real-Time Energy Use

A concept device with easy-to-understand, futuristic graphics, facilitates improves self-monitoring and energy conservation.

Advertising Solar Powered Battery Charger Tweets Your Energy Savings

The Changers Solar Starter measures how much energy it has stored and created and shares that information with your followers to help motivate people to be environmentally conscious.

Advertising A New Strategy For Electronics Design

Designer Dominic Muren explains why manufacturing open, modular hardware is a better idea than traditional recycling.

Innovation Power Strip Designed To Curb Unnecessary Consumption

Japanese manufacturer Sanwa has introduced a novel way to control power use.

Advertising AT&T ZERO Charger Curbs Wasted Energy

AT&T is marketing the ZERO charger, a device that detects when a phone is no longer connected to it, and withdraws consumption of energy from its outlet accordingly.

Home Controlling Home Heating Via the Internet

British Gas, the UK's largest supplier of electricity and gas, is starting a pilot program allowing its customers to control heating using an Internet based tool created by English start-up AlertMe.