energy saving

Innovation Human-Detecting Fan Only Sends Breeze To People

This oscillating fan has a sensor that can detect the people around it and adjust to direct itself towards them.

Home Home Monitor Identifies Every Energy-Wasting Appliance

You could soon know how much you spend on each appliance every month instead of just having one bill

Design Pink Light Greenhouse Cuts Energy Costs

A Pinkhouse uses a mix of red and blue low-energy LED lights to reduce power bills.

Technology Shower Heads Save Water By Filling Drops With Hot Air

‘Air-In’ Shower technology uses 35% less water but retains a traditional pressure.

Advertising Wieden + Kennedy London Powers Children's Home With Energy-Saving Initiative

The agency is using at-a-glance energy information to help employees conserve energy, with the savings re-directed to providing solar power for a children's home in Nairobi.

Advertising A New Strategy For Electronics Design

Designer Dominic Muren explains why manufacturing open, modular hardware is a better idea than traditional recycling.

Design Light Art at London Design Festival

Recently, at the London Design Festival, the V&A Museum South Kensington held an exhibit entitled In Praise of Shadows, which was inspired by the decision by EU governments to phase out low efficiency light bulbs by 2012.