Home LED Walkway Sings Christmas Carols To Passersby [Video]

The Infinite Choir injects some Christmas spirit into Sydney, Australia.

Design Interactive Seesaw Mimics How A Ball Bounces On The Moon [Video]

Users can have fun on a lighting installation while also learning about physics.

Technology 3D Mapped Skateboard Tracks Riders In Real-Time [Video]

The Melbourne premiere of Tron Legacy saw an interactive skateboard installation equipped with IR lights and 3d mapping.

Design Extreme Sports Get Creative [Video]

Melbourne-based design specialists ENESS created a visual sporting wonder for RedBull when asked to create some 'extreme projections for some of the best riders in the world.'

Design ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For 'TRON: Legacy' Promo

A kaleidoscope of patterns, trails, starbursts, and text elements flows with the movement of the skaters.

Technology (Video) Light Ripples: Interactive Projections On Water

Light Ripples is an beautiful interactive audio visual installation by ENESS that uses eight floating balls as control devices.