Design Helmet Regulates Body Temperature With Built-In Cooling System

Self-sufficient design can cool a rider through solar-powered 'air-conditioning.'

Technology Google Maps Now Has 1 Million Public Transit Stops [Headlines]

The software now lists metro, bus and tram routes in over 500 cities.

Home ‘Horror Movie’ Chair Literally Raises Your Hair

The "Chilly Chair" creates an engaging scary movie viewing experience using static electricity.

Technology Google Chrome Accounts For 1/3 Of Global Browser Market [Headlines]

A report by StatCounter finds the browser in the lead, confirming a trend noticed at the D10 conference by Google's Senior VP of Chrome & Apps Sundar Pichai.

Technology UK Hotel Replaces Bedside Bibles With Kindles [Headlines]

The Hotel Indigo's Newcastle location is ditching the standard hardcover bible in favor of an electronic edition.

Advertising Boingo Brings Free WiFi To Select NYC Subway Stations [Headlines]

For the summer months this year Manhattanites will be able to connect to the Internet while waiting on underground train platforms at 14th and 23rd street.

Innovation Headband Helps Users To Concentrate Better [Pics]

This unique EEG device can help users improve mental focus.

Technology Bing Starts Using Encyclopedia Britannica In Their Search Results [Headlines]

After quitting the print game, Encyclopedia Brittanica gets a new digital lease on life.

Partner Content Trends For 2012: Tech Guru On Obscurity

Peter Rojas, founder of GDGT and a string of popular tech services, says that entrepreneurs should avoid making too much noise before they make the

Advertising Chevy Gives Out Spotify Invites To Anyone Who Asks [Headlines]

Not on Spotify yet? Ask about the new Chevy Sonic and the carmaker will send you an invite.

Home South Korea To Go Paperless In Schools By 2015 [Headlines]

South Korea plans to use tablets as the medium for their educations system.

Technology A Guinness World Record For Blogging

Engadget has announced that their staff writer Darren Murph has officially been declared the most prolific professional blogger in the world.

Design Philips Rationalizer: Personal Biofeedback System

Philips has created a concept device named the Rationalizer - a biofeedback system for online stock traders.