Automotive Honda Could Enter Toy Market With Plush Car That Calms Infants

The automaker tested out over 30 of its engine sounds on a group of infants to see which one was the most effective, offering parents the chance to try out the soothing revs on its website

Brand Activation & Immersion Jaguar Modifies Its Approach To Retain Its Roar As A Quieter, Electrified Brand

Faced with technology-driven upheaval, the luxury auto brand is fostering continuity between its past and future, sustaining its reputation for speed and power that consumers recognize while also offering them an environmentally friendly model

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Battery-Powered Planes Could Transform Regional Travel

All-electric commercial planes are getting close to a reality, and could transport passengers on short journeys for a fraction of the cost

Automotive Could Electric Updates Get Younger People Driving Vintage Cars?

The personality and nostalgia of classic cars are tempered by their unreliability, but electric updates solve that

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Volvo's VC Fund Sets Up The Brand To Invest In Its Own Future

The auto maker announced that it will begin investing in tech startups that will help it thrive in an electric and autonomous future

Automotive Rare Porsche 911s Get Converted Into Worry-Free EVs

A European startup converts classic cars into electric vehicles so owners can drive vintage without the mechanical stress and expenses

Advertising Minimal Audi Ad Just Highlights The Sounds Of A Car Cooling Down

The spot for Audi's RS 4 Avant foregoes the typical action, music and narration of automotive advertising

Cafe & Restaurant Amazon Is Starting To Give Alexa Opinions Of Its Own

Amazon is further developing Alexa's capabilities so that the AI will be able to provide opinionated answers to questions asked by users

Food & Beverage London Buses Will Soon Be Powered By Coffee Grounds

London transport system to start using new B20 biofuel made from coffee waste

Design Voice-Controlled Device Makes Window Blinds Automated

The Brunt Blind Engine can turn most types of window coverings into something that responds to your voice

Retail See Everything A Car Has To Offer With This Mixed Reality Showroom

This mixed reality car showroom ups the ante when it comes to convenient car shopping

Automotive This Wooden Motorcycle Is Made To Run On Algae Oil

Ritsert Mans and Peter Mooji teamed up to make a sustainable motorcycle that uses algae oil for fuel

Retail This Solar-Powered Car Is Designed To Be Affordable For Everyone

The Sion by Sono Motors comes in at just under $18,000

Technology Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

A project from the company's X division plans to use salt and a low temperature liquid similar to antifreeze to store energy