Brand Activation & Immersion YouTube’s Super Stickers let fans show their support and generate extra income for creators

Video-sharing platform YouTube introduced Super Stickers, animated graphics that fans can purchase during livestream videos. Sticker packs are available in a variety of languages and in a range of price points, from 99 cents to $50. In addition to the tiered membership subscriptions and Super Chat perks that fans pay to access, Stickers are the latest way YouTube and individual creators are generating income.

Advertising How Brands Can Get In The Game

It's off to the races for 2020. Here's why everyone from retailers to content creators is betting on gaming to innovate their reach—and inspiration for how you can get in the game

Children PSFK Retail Conference Preview: b8ta On Its Evolution As A RaaS Provider And An Optimistic View For Retail's Future

b8ta's co-founder and president Phillip Raub speaks with PSFK ahead of appearing at our retail conference to discuss the RaaS store and software provider's evolution over the years, touching on its Forum fashion & lifestyle experience, reinvention of Toys"R"Us, and role in a new decade of retail

Design Zappos x Not Impossible Labs use wearable tech to help hearing-impaired experience music concert

Online retailer Zappos partnered with technology company Not Impossible Labs to create a unique musical experience for Deaf concert goers at the Life Is Beautiful concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vibrotextile technology turns music into vibrations, which allows the deaf person to feel the sounds rather than hear them. To create the full-body encompassing experience, the technology is attached to the body as a wearable chest harness, wristbands and ankle bands.

Gaming & Play Sesame Place provides anti-sensory and calm spaces for children with special needs

Theme park Sesame Place, based off the children’s show Sesame Street, is a Certified Autism Center that offers a special needs-friendly environment. The theme park curates an experience of acceptance and sensitivity with 80% of staff trained in autism awareness. The park is also equipped with noise-canceling headphones, sensory bead mazes and quiet rooms.

Entertainment The Eagle's in-stadium sensory room offers fans a space to escape stimulation overload

US professional football team the Eagles created an in-stadium sensory room to make those with autism feel accepted in public spaces. The space offers an escape from the visual and auditory stimulation of the stadium, offering sensory-overloaded fans kits with headphones, earplugs, sunglasses, weighted lap pads and toys to create a comfortable environment.

Fashion & Apparel Puma designed an AR app experience for store shoppers to unlock content and games

Sportswear brand Puma designed an AR app-based experience for the brand's new line of basketball shoes and the opening of its first North American flagship store in New York City. By using the brand's smartphone app to scan QR codes tagged on the display of the seven new sneakers, shoppers unlock playful content as well as the virtual brand mascot that they can take pictures with.

Delivery & Logistics Donald Glover & Adidas Used Airdrop To Surprise Coachella Attendees With Free Sneakers

As detailed in our Future Of Retail 2020 report, randomly selected festival goers were air-dropped a pair of Adidas kicks, granted that they wore them for the rest of the event

Gen Z Margaritaville resort created a tech-enabled water park that delivers a personalized experience

Margaritaville resort created a tech-savvy water park, Island H2O Live, featuring wristband technology and social media integration to target Gen Z. The wristbands allow water park goers the ability to select music for water rides and even lets parents track their kids. Rides are named after the social media theme from Hashtag Heights and Profile Plunge.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Grand Bohemian Hotel elevates the guest experience by blending hospitality, jazz and culinary arts

The Marriott hotel, Grand Bohemian Hotel offers guests an elevated hospitality experience with over 100 artworks decorating the hotel’s gallery walls from both local and international artists. Beyond the decor, visitors can enjoy an upscale dining at Bosendorfer Lounge with swanky pianos and jazz music. The addition of a downtown restaurant dubbed the Boheme, provides a sophisticated twist on breakfast, lunch and dinner from turkey and brie sandwiches to sea bass.

Technology Disney World's guests can sport wearable 'MagicBands' that connect to credit cards for in-park payments

Disney World offers guests wearable payment technology that connects to a credit card on file to simplify the in-park payment experience. Through RFID technology, the band is held up to the Mickey reader until it turns green to go. The MagicBand works in Disney’s theme parks, water parks, restaurants and stores.

Store Experience & Design Walt Disney World's Star Wars Hotel immerses guests in lightsaber training and ship navigation

Walt Disney World’s Star Wars hotel will soon open in Orlando to immerse guests into the world of intergalactic space through interactive design features. Guests are initiated into the space theme and undergo lightsaber training programs and activities from learning about the ship’s navigation to weapons.

Entertainment Bumper Cars Tour will open an immersive guest experience in May 2020, including an ice rink and bar

Ice rink and bar dubbed Bumper Cars Tour is set to debut in May 2020 and blends the bumper car and ice rink experience to immerse consumers into a new entertainment experience. The addition of a bar and DJ, revamps the Orlando nightlife experience.

Cafe & Restaurant Epcot will debut restaurant Space 220 where guests dine inside a spaceship

Epcot will launch restaurant Space 220 a space pavilion that blends together futuristic design and high profile dining for Disney guests. Encompassed by a space view stimulation, diners can eat dinner inside a spaceship. A space-themed shuttle takes guests to the two-level dining space.