Environmental engineering

Cafe & Restaurant Customers Paid For Healthy Food With Recyclables At Pop-Up Cafe

The Rubbish Cafe in London raised awareness about the wastefulness of single-use plastics

Advertising Starbucks Is Selling A Reusable Bottle To Protect The Oceans From Plastic

A reusable water bottle from Soma and Parley, which incorporates recycled plastic, is being sold at Starbucks locations across the country to heighten awareness of ocean pollution

Delivery & Logistics Subscription Service Wants New Yorkers To Ditch Plastic Bottles

Reefill lets residents subscribe to Bluetooth-enabled fountains around the city, but some New Yorkers wonder whether tap water really needs a tech upgrade

Design London Brand Recycled 60,000 Plastic Bottles For Its Store Interior

Bottletop's new store in London is being constructed entirely from recycled materials

Food & Beverage This Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Is Made Out Of Waste

The VeganBottle is looking to cut down on our plastic waste by creating containers out of vegetable products

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Stationery Maker Uses Recycled Coffee Cups For A New Product Line

G . F Smith and CupCycling create a sustainable loop between cups and stationery

Design Food Waste Turned Into Building Materials

A new report created by Arup Group shows how food waste can turn into construction materials

Packaging & Product Engagement Simple Packaging Solution Could Have A Huge Environmental Impact

A Dutch design student has proposed an environmentally friendly solution to curb packaging waste and cost

Retail Sustainable Brewery Feeds A Fish Farm With Its Waste

A brewery teamed up with a fish farm to recycle their old water and grain to

Food & Beverage This Bioplastic Food Wrapper Is Meant To Be Eaten

The eco-friendly packaging is made out of high-quality seaweed that can simply be dissolved in water or be eaten after use

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Old Prison Complex To Be Transformed Into A Buzzing Eco-Forward Neighborhood

OMA is in the business of turning trash into treasure by redeveloping an old prison complex and turning it into an eco-city neighborhood

Fashion & Apparel Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Mango Materials converts methane into a wearable material that breaks back down to methane to start the process all over again

Advertising Stella McCartney Officially Endorses Consignment Of Her Own Goods

The fashion designer has partnered with luxury consignment shop The RealReal to help curb clothing waste

Work Transform Your Old Office Chair Into A Backpack

This college student created a product designed to reduce waste by recycling old chairs