Environmental mitigation

Consumer Goods Loop Helps UPS, PepsiCo, P&G And More Enable No-Waste Packaging

The circular shopping platform transforms the single-use packaging of everyday items like toothpaste or ice cream into durable and reusable containers, curbing waste by letting consumers use and return rather than discard

Design How Brands Are Encouraging Customers To Reuse Packaging

With a third of U.S. trash coming from packaging waste, brands are launching special offers and experiences to motivate consumers to recycle and reuse

Cafe & Restaurant Customers Paid For Healthy Food With Recyclables At Pop-Up Cafe

The Rubbish Cafe in London raised awareness about the wastefulness of single-use plastics

Fashion & Apparel The North Face Debuts Clothing Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The outerwear brand's new collection offers eco-friendly options whose proceeds will benefit the National Park Foundation

Retail London Brand Recycled 60,000 Plastic Bottles For Its Store Interior

Bottletop's new store in London is being constructed entirely from recycled materials

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Stationery Maker Uses Recycled Coffee Cups For A New Product Line

G . F Smith and CupCycling create a sustainable loop between cups and stationery

Design Yves Behar Designed A Backpack To Separate Dirty Gym Clothes And Your Laptop

A waterproof compartment isolates used gym gear from the rest of the stuff

Home This Furniture Is Made With Starbucks Store Waste

Pentatonic uses Starbucks plastic cups to remake the iconic 'bean chair'

Food & Beverage A Zero-Waste Grocery Store Has Opened Up In Ottawa

Nu Grocery opened in Ottawa as the city's first zero-waste grocery store, where customers bring their own reusable containers to transport their food

Work Transform Your Old Office Chair Into A Backpack

This college student created a product designed to reduce waste by recycling old chairs

Advertising Cosmetics Brand Adds Ocean Plastic To Its Packaging

Lush works with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to incorporate ocean plastic into its cosmetics packaging

Food & Beverage Upcycled Chopsticks Are Turned Into New Pieces Of Furniture

A startup company in Vancouver, Canada takes the city's discarded chopsticks and turns them into wooden decor

Design Help Reduce Plastic Waste With A Compostable Sandwich Bag

LunchSkins offers 100% recyclable and compostable bags to reduce the environmental impact of food service

Advertising Discarded Coca-Cola Labels Used As Sustainable Packaging

Fitzroy Rum created a new packaging that recycles plastic wrappers to create a one of a kind bottle topper