Environmental sustainability

Design Eat Dinner on Plates Made of Last Week's Leftovers

Foodscapes are recycled, recyclable plates that seek to rethink the way we consider food waste

Luxury Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Cleans Clothes in Five Minutes

The Drumi works without electricity to wash and spin-dry up to seven items at a time

Home will.i.am and W Hotels Climb into Bed Together for Sustainable Luxury

EKOCYCLE collaboration brings sustainability to the hotel room, making turndown service a whole lot sexier

Work 80,000 Airline Seat Covers Reach Their Final Handbag Destination

Southwest partners with Looptworks to upcycle seat covers into beautiful (non-travel) bags

Design Amsterdam Business Complex Most Sustainable in the World

The Edge in Netherlands has been awarded the highest score on a popular environmental sustainability rubric

Innovation Hong Kong Launches All-Electric Taxi Fleet To Combat Pollution

Manufactured by Chinese carmaker BYD, the cabs promote environmental sustainability.

Features Solar-Powered Mobile Truck Could Change African Healthcare

Vehicle equipped with remarkable range of facilities could revolutionize treatment in rural parts of the sub-Sahara.

Syndicated How A Solar-Powered Lamp-Post May Save Mali

An Italian architect has transformed the village of Sanogola by designing a portable, locally manufactured light.

Advertising Fifteen Ideas Transforming Life In Africa

From a mobile phone database for dairy farmers to a strain of sweet potato that can help fight child blindness, imaginative ideas that are tackling old problems.

Innovation Is It Possible For Everyone To Have Access To Sustainable Resources?

Is there enough safe water, energy, and land to fuel the whole world without harming the environment?

Innovation Frito-Lay Plans To Deploy Fleet Of Electric Delivery Trucks

The vehicles generate zero tailpipe emissions and can run up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Home Artificial Leaf Produces Electricity From Water

Scientists from MIT have created a small device that mimics a leaf to convert water into stored energy.

Technology Google Allows Homeowners To Rent Solar Panels

Tthe multi-billion Internet company is committed to helping 10,000 homeowners install solar panels to promote green energy.

Advertising Car-Free Suburbs Promote Active And Happy Living

This new urbanist movement would have suburbanites using public transportation, bicycling and walking more.