Design Redesigned Flatware Makes It Easier For Patients With Nerve Disorders To Eat

An award-winning design by I-Ting Chan and Ting-Yin Yeh is elegant yet highly functional.

Retail Redesigned Ice Cream Scoop Eliminates Unnecessary Wrist Pain

A new scoop that cuts through ice cream like a hot knife through butter.

Advertising Public Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers [Pics]

Foldable chairs with movable petal-like seats provide useful seating and aesthetic design.

Work 'Smart' Office Chair Adjusts To The User's Movements To Keep Them Engaged

Inno-Motion's 'LimbIC' chair has two fully movable seating shells instead of a cushion, which allow for maximum freedom of movement.

Design Kayak Design Fuses Athlete And Equipment

German designer creates a piece of freestyle sports equipment that feels like an extension of the body.

Innovation A Canoe That Fits Into Your Backpack

The Ad Hoc folding canoe helps rowers take their boating anywhere without the hassle of carrying anything bulky.

Technology Disk+Mouse Concept Fits Your Optical Drive

What if you could use your optical drive to store an ultra-portable mouse?

Advertising Three Liveshop Adds A New Dimension To Online Customer Service [Video]

Touchscreens and video chat augment the online shopping experience.

Gaming & Play A Morphing Mouse

A new gaming device features an adjustable size and shape to suit its users' hands.

Home Designing For Humans, Narrowtasking And Mobile 3D

PSFK talks to Rob Tannen, Director of Research and Interaction Design at product development firm Bresslergroup.

Advertising A More Ergonomic Hair Dryer

A designer revisits the shape and form of a hairdryer and comes up with a new, improved version.

Innovation Future of Health: Wearable Technology Improves Posture

Sensors embedded into the fabric of clothing can help wearers remain conscious of unhealthy habits.