Eric Schmidt

Innovation Intel IQ: How Internet Access Can Help 'Shrink' The World And Connect Cities

By democratizing access to the internet, we could enable solutions for the entire population.

Advertising Google Forced To Change Search Results Or Face Court [Headlines]

European commission wants to address search engine company's dominance which it says could harm competition.

Syndicated Did Google Try To Cover Up That It Was Stealing Data Through Street View?

FCC revelations show that Google's engineer knew Street View would collect data; what one analyst says this and the company's obstructive behaviour to the investigation means for the future.

Technology Google Founders Team Up With James Cameron For Asteroid Mining Mission [Headlines]

Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and the Explorer/Filmmaker back a project that aims to extract valuable resources from space.

Google May Launch Tablet Within 6 Months [Headlines]

The tech giant is rumored to be releasing an iPad competitor in as little as half a year.

Advertising Google's Eric Schmidt On The Future Of TV

The executive chairman spoke at this year's Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Design One Pass: Google's Direct-To-Customer Publishing Service For Digital Content

Google has launched its online payment system for newspapers and magazines, just a day after Apple unveiled a rival offering.

Technology Google CEO On Names Changes And Digital Indiscretions

Eric Schmidt shares his views on the future of search and issues of online privacy.

Technology (Video) Google CEO Explains the Future of the Web

Read Write Web points us to an interview that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google gave at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009 on what the web will be like in five years.