Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks Revamps Loyalty Program To Offer Customers More Rewards

Starbucks is redesigning its rewards program, eliminating its previous green and gold tiers and offering customers greater choice of point redemption starting at 25 points

Advertising Dunkin' Donuts Pranks Coffee Fans With Espresso Activation

The coffee franchise tested out a pop-up that disguised its new espresso drink as a higher-end product in order to fool foodies, boosting local sales by 60%

Analysis Retail Column: Retail Wins From Las Vegas To Chicago

Retail columnist Winston Wright addresses some of the biggest hits and misses from brick-and-mortar in the last few weeks

Health The Six Secrets To Good Sleep, According To A Sleep Tech Founder

Matteo Franceschetti, the founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, discusses the importance of sleep in boosting productivity, brain function, and performance

Retail Google Tests VR As A Replacement For Dull Training Videos

Google's Daydream Labs tested to see if virtual reality training works better than having employees watch videos about how to perform a task

Design This Anti-Energy Drink Bottle Encourages People To Slow Down For A Change

Opus B's Slow bottle is shaped like an hourglass to remind people that life doesn't always have to be lived in the fast lane

Food & Beverage This Phone Case Turns Your Phone Into A Portable Espresso Machine

Coffee on-the-go just turned even more mobile with Mokase

Analysis Pattern Recognition: Brand Are Rethinking Their Approach To Product Design

Emerging trends in the design world from DIY to voice control

Retail Cafe's Robotic Barista Turns Out The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Cafe X is a fully automated coffee shop in San Francisco that provides consistent and fast service

Consumer Goods Portable Machine Lets You Enjoy Espresso Anytime, Anywhere

A Kickstarter campaign has started to help fund Simpresso, a device for coffee lovers to have their favorite cup of espresso ready wherever they go

Design The Espresso Machine Reimagined With an Earthy Design

The Anza Machine by Montaag is designed in concrete, quartz, porcelain, brass and teak but no stainless steel

Innovation Hand-Press Your Own Fresh Espresso Anywhere

Campers and desk jockeys alike can enjoy luxury, self-made pick-me-ups in 2015

Secret Menu for Chocolate-Dipped Cone Filled with Espresso

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles serves the caffeinated favorite in edible cups

Home Espresso Machine Adapted To Make Coffee In Space

Lavazza and Argotec have created a device that can help astronauts fulfill their desires for coffee outside the atmosphere.