Food & Beverage Beer Drinkers Can Use Brew To Develop Their Own Kodak Photos

Kodak and Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head collaborated on a beer with a pH capable of developing Kodak Super 8 film, dubbing the brew "analog beer for a digital age"

Installation Has Guests Breathe The Air Pollution Of Different Cities

Artist Michael Pinsky is using the visceral experience to wake people up to the problem of air pollution

Advertising Pantone Adds Wine-Inspired 'English Sparkling' To The Color Wheel

Laithwaite's Wine partnered with the color institute to launch a hue inspired by its sparkling white wine

Technology Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Farmed fish could soon be eating feed made from excess carbon dioxide in the air

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Budweiser's Latest Product Is A Brew First Made Before Prohibition

The company has created a vintage-inspired, limited edition run of a beer it used to make before Prohibition began in 1920

Design This Beer Is Designed For Urban Cyclists

Vals Nat has made a craft beer with special packaging for those who travel by two wheels

Cafe & Restaurant Why Some Of The Largest Alcohol Brands Are Rushing To Create Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Spirit companies are making strides into the non-alcoholic space which is predicted to grow

Retail Long Island Brewery Introduces A Beer For Delayed Commuters

The beer can's design references the delays caused by summer rail improvement work at New York's Penn Station

Advertising This Brewery Is Adding Fried Chicken To Its Beer

The Veil Brewing Company takes a classic combination to the next level

Food & Beverage Eco-Friendly Beer Brand Crafts Brews From Leftover Bread

Toast Ale turns discarded bread into delicious beer, hoping to help reduce food waste

Design Rosé Wine Dresses Down In A 40 Ounce Bottle

The rebranded and intentionally lowbrow bottles are available from an organic winemaker in the Loire region of France

Retail Alcoholic Cold Brew Is On The Way

A company called Bad Larry's has created a cold coffee infused with alcohol

Consumer Goods Kitchen Device Converts Fruit Into Hard Cider

Alchema brews alcoholic beverages with all the recipes and steps included in an application database

Advertising Beer Bottle Designed To Be Enjoyed In The Shower

Swedish creative agency Snask and Swedish microbrewery Pangpang collaborated to create a pale ale that is less susceptible to warm temperature