Gaming & Play Wii Is Not Helping Kids Get More Exercise [Headlines]

Nintendo's game console that was lauded for getting kids off the couch is not having the positive effects that were predicted.

Design Sedentary No More: The GymyGym Exercise Chair

A modified office chair provides an opportunity for some much needed physical activity for the desk-chained knowledge workers of the world.

Work How Excercise Might Slow Aging

New case studies show that intensive physical training may be a key to living a longer (healthier) life.

Design (Pic) Ciclotte's $10,000 Exercise Bike

The incredibly expensive, but beautifully designed exercise bike makes getting in shape a bit more visually appealing.

Advertising Guests Generate Hotel Electricity By Exercise Bike

The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen has made an energetic offering to its guests.

Technology (Sponsor Message) Equinox Gym's EQ Sessions

Equinox Gym provides a robust selection of currated music playlists which are designed to help maximise their member's workout time

Innovation New Study Reveals Exercise Could Keep Cells Decades Younger

A new study is showing that there may be additional benefits to exercise deep down at the cellular level.