Brand Activation & Immersion Pop-Up Cafe Rewards Customers' Exercise By Letting Them Trade Steps For Snacks

An ephemeral cafe in Sydney is trading customers' exercise activity as measured by a fitness app for treats made with Uncle Tobys Oats in promotion of the brand's products

Brand Activation & Immersion Wellness Pop-Up Aims To Improve Visitors' Health In Only 30 Seconds

People visiting The Lifestyle Lab can get a fast and painless health checkup using brand new scanning technology as well as try out healthy foods and fitness programs

Fitness & Sport A YMCA In Minneapolis Has Implemented A Virtual Reality Exercise Machine

The new gym is giving its members a fitness experience that's hard to find elsewhere

Advertising Exercise Bike Only Lets You Watch Netflix When You're Pedaling

Cycflix uses the streaming platform as a motivation to help people continue exercising

Food & Beverage Exercise Class Focuses On Working Out Your Jaw Muscles

Cadbury is promoting its newest chocolate flavor with a special exercise class at a London gym

Wellness Rage Yoga Takes Stretching, Adds Beer And Pushes It To The Extreme

Unconventional classes for those who want to give it a try but don't feel like they fit in

Design Full-Body Flying Suit Uses VR To Give Wearers A Workout

Wearers of the Icaros lay in a plank position and must twist and curve their body to fly through virtual environments

Home Stairs Show How Many Calories You Are Burning With Each Step

The KuantoKusta corporate office strategically designs the amount of energy used onto its stairs to incentivize healthy workplace choices

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hotel Space Caters To Young Entrepreneurs

A living-working space hybrid for those seeking a temporary residence

Design Redesigned London Tube Map Aims To Get People Walking

The updated display illustrates approximately how many steps it takes to walk between stations for a healthier commute

Health Turn Your Fitness Data Into Customized Nutrition Plans

An advanced wearable system translates your entire exercise routine, weight and food habits into a customized eating plan

Technology Visualize The Data Around All The Food You Eat

A health-based platform is designed to deliver insights into what you should and shouldn't be eating

Retail Earn Discounts Every Time You Exercise

Earthmiles is a new app that offers a 'frequent flyer mile-like' rewards program for those who regularly work out

Entertainment Turn Your Boring Run Into An Action Movie

A fitness app aims to turn mundane exercise routines into an entertaining activity