Design Exoskeleton Is Designed To Help Stroke Patients Walk

A lightweight device from ReWalk was made to help patients who have suffered from a stroke improve their strength and ability to get around

Technology 'Chairless Chair' Supports Active Factory Workers

The exoskeleton from Swiss company Noonee allows wearers to walk around freely while also providing support while they bend and lift

Baby Boomers Exoskeletal Suit Reimagines Technology For The Elderly

The ‘powersuit’ is the brainchild of designer Yves Béhar and superflex, using minute electronic ‘muscles’ embedded within hexagonal cells

Baby Boomers Powered Clothing Designed To Assist The Elderly

Superflex is adapted from military apparel technology to help the aging population continue to live independently

Automotive 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle Has Industry's Lightest Exoskeleton

The vehicle’s engineers used aircraft grade aluminum in hopes of mainstreaming lightweight additive manufacturing

Technology The Soldier of Tomorrow Will More Easily Navigate the Fog of War

Technological developments are affecting every facet of soldiering

Innovation High School Students Build Exoskeleton for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Robotics club uses summer break to assemble a 3D-printed protective device to help kids with the disability learn to walk

Home FDA Approves First Motorized Exoskeleton For Personal Use

ReWalk system will offer rehabilitation and higher quality of life for US paraplegics.

Advertising Robotic Suit Turns The Wearer Into A Superhero [Video]

Panasonic give us a glimpse into the future of robotics.

Technology 3D Printed Exoskeletons Could Replace Plaster Casts

Cortex is a 3D printed exoskeletal cast designed to be fit around the wearer and snapped shut with fasteners.

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From an exoskeleton designed to helped the earthbound and astronauts alike to a DNA test to tell you if those crunches will work, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Design Wearable Exoskeleton Can Help Users Carry Heavy Items With Ease

Soon to be commercially available in Japan, the exoskeleton will help people to carry almost 90 pounds without strain.

Design Bionic Device Allows Paralyzed Patients To Walk

The eLEGS Exoskeleton helps the wheel chair-bound to move freely.