experience design

Design On the Floor at GigaOM Roadmap 2014

Trends, top products and what the future holds for wearables

Advertising The Banks of the Future: An Experience Design Perspective

Why banks should shift their role from payment processors to trusted consumer advisors by focusing on the customer experience

Retail Intelligent Mobile Retail Design: The Concierge Layer

Mobile experience design should take a page directly from the hotel Concierge handbook, addressing mobile shoppers in a “how may I help you most enjoy your stay” model.

Work Innovative Performances And Personal Experience [Video]

Colin Nightingale, Senior Producer of Punchdrunk, the company known for its theatrical art installations and performances talks about new projects in Boston and New York City.

Home (Video) Usman Haque: PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2010

The Internet of things innovator talks about experience design and social projects.

Technology Ed Cotton: The Third Revolution In Online Retail

Online retailers and physical stores with an online presence have gotten to the point where the store experience has been optimized to death.

Advertising Jobs We Love

Great companies are looking for a Strategy Intern, Design Strategist, Experience Designer and more.

Design Adding Sound To Product Design

As products strive to be experiences rather than just objects, designers are looking for new ways to engage users.

Retail Storytelling, Community And Going Green At Starbucks

Tim Pfeiffer, senior VP of Store Design talks to PSFK about the recent redesign of their Soho store.

Innovation (Video) Adam Wells: PSFK Conference New York 2010

Adam Wells, Design Director for Virgin Group USA, shares his insights on the future of industrial design and how innovation in the field is changing the way we experience products and services in a fundamental way.