Design VR Heat Maps Track Consumers' Eye Movements To Inform Optimized Store Design

Tobii Pro's VR analytics suite helps marketers make the most informed decisions when it comes to product and store design by providing insight into consumer behavior and attention

Technology Third-Gen VR Could Rewrite How We Connect 'In Person' And Across Virtual Personas

Story-telling will little benefit a world where interactivity delivers beyond one-way connectedness

Artist Draws Using Only His Eyes

Graham Fink makes use of eye-tracking technology to draw Etch-a-Sketch style portraits

Design Samsung's Eye-Tracking Mouse Opens Computing to More Users With Disabilities

Samsung's Eyecan+ improves on older designs to bring interactive ability those with physical limitations.

Gaming & Play VR Game Helps Those With Eye Disorders See In 3D For The First Time

A new game offers hope for people who can only see in 2D.

Gaming & Play Eye-Tracking Controller Offers Players Intensely Immersive Play

The technology could change the way we think about a fine-grained user interface.

Work How One Artist Paints Using Only Her Eyes

Even paralysis won't keep artist Sarah Ezekiel away from the canvas.

Technology LG Phone Plays And Pauses Video Based On User Attention

'Smart Video’ uses eye tracking to automatically stop playback if it detects the viewer isn't looking at the screen.

Advertising Intel Wants Users To Be Part Of The Future Of Computing

Excited about how gesture-, voice- and eye-control are changing the future of computing? Why not be a part of its creation?

Retail Super Markets Use Eye Tracking To Monitor Shopping Behavior [Headlines]

Marketers are getting inside consumer's heads to find out the best shelf layouts and designs for boosting sales.

Advertising Paralyzed Man Sends Tweets With His Eyes

Tony Nicklinson, a man with locked-in syndrome, has successfully communicated on the social network using eye-tracking technology.

Work Robotic Arm Lets The Disabled Feed Themselves Using Eye-Tracking

An automated feeding tool that lets users select the food they want to eat simply by looking at it.

Design Laptop Uses Eye-Control As User Interface [CES 2012]

A new application of eye-tracking technology is set to change the future of user interface design.

Technology Eye-Tracking Vehicles Prevent Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Researchers in Germany are developing a system that could help prevent accidents due to drowsy driving.