Technology Not Impossible Labs Creates Open-Source Technology for Transformational Good

PSFK speaks to Mick Ebeling about his new book and DIY projects that can improve quality of life through the power of storytelling and story-making

Syndicated How Intel Helps Stephen Hawking Communicate With The World

A custom computer will help the world's top scientist continue his work even as his Lou Gehrig's disease progresses, as written for iQ by Intel.

Syndicated Glasses Let Paralyzed Patients Send Emails By Blinking

Eyewear equipped with cameras translate eye movements into computer input, replacing the need for a mouse or keyboard.

Design 'For Humankind' Expo Showcases Humanitarian Innovation

Bing and Big Think hosted an exhibition in NYC of inspirational new technologies that address basic human needs.

Video Art: An R&D Department For Humanity [PSFK NYC 2012]

Zach Lieberman talks about how technology can be a force to spark creativity.

Work 3 Great Kickstarter Projects To Back

PSFK suggests you support Rob Walker's Hypothetical Buildings, Adam Liebsohn's voyurl and Zack Lieberman's EyeWriter projects.

Technology Assistive Technology: Disabled Individuals Interact With The World Through Intuitive Natural Actions

Increasingly accurate sensor-based technologies are being adopted by developers to create innovative systems for handicapped persons.

Advertising Future Of Health: Hacking Healthcare

In an effort to develop viable, low-cost, widely-available solutions for a number of pressing healthcare concerns, a growing community of users is taking a DIY approach to bottom-up innovation.

Design (Video) Zach Lieberman: PSFK Conference New York 2010

Zach Lieberman, a creative technologist whose work bridges the real world with the digital, speaks about his ongoing collaborative research efforts to empower people and spark creativity.

Innovation DIWO As The New DIY: PSFK Conference, Good Ideas On Changemaking

In the third part of our recent conference, Colin Beavan, Andrew Hoppin, John Dimatos, and Zach Lieberman talked about their approaches to changemaking.

Advertising PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: Zach Lieberman

Zach Lieberman will be one of the speakers at our upcoming PSFK Conference 2010, taking place on April 9th. Zach is a creative technologist whose work bridges the real world with the digital

Innovation Automated Calligraphy: A Remote Controlled Graffiti Robot

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory has created a robotic tool for graffiti artists.

Design Eyewriter: An Artistic Tool For Individuals With ALS

The collaborative efforts of the Graffiti Research Lab, Free Art+ Technology, Open Frameworks, and The Ebeling Group- organizations specializing in various aspects of open source computing, creativity and production- created the EyeWriter - a low cost software/eye-tracking tool that allows those paralyzed from ALS to write using only their eyes.