Advertising Old Spice Named The Most Viral Brand Of 2011 [Headlines]

The men's brand is the most-viewed in terms of online video content for the second year running.

Home Old Spice Gets Less Beefy For The Average Joe

Old Spice channels a less purely masculine image, but still manages to send a funny yet convincing message to male consumers.

Technology Who's Better? The New Or The Old Old Spice Man

In a social media-fueled, real-time duel, the (original) Old Spice Man has accepted new Old Spice guy Fabio's challenge to a 'Mano y Mano' duel on Tuesday, July 26th. While respective real-time, personalized videos are looking familiar, we hope tomorrow's duel will surprise.

Innovation Observations In Changing Social Media Behavior: The Old Spice Guy Duel

The results of Old Spice's latest campaign may indicate more about our changing social media behavior than we think. It may offer an interesting case study of how to sustain engagement?

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Advertising A New Old Spice Guy?

Has Fabio taken over from Isaiah Mustafa as the mouthpiece for the iconic men's brand?

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