face recognition

Advertising Walgreens Digital Cooler Targets Shoppers With Tailored Ads

The in-store cooling sections feature sensors and cameras that will allow for targeted advertising from brands that partner with Walgreens, showing ads in accordance with factors like weather, shopper age and gender, and more

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Alibaba's 'Future Hotel' Provides Robot Assistants To Accommodate Guests

Alibaba Group's futuristic hotel in Hangzhou city will feature robot staff, voice-command hubs and face scanners that replace check-in, enabling a highly efficient infrastructure that cuts down human labor by 50%

Technology 3D Face Camera Creates Accurate Models In Seconds

Bellus3D is a high-quality yet affordable face-scanning camera for mobile devices

Health Pill-Dispensing Robot Can Recognize Who You Are

The world's first AI healthcare companion for the home can store, dispense and even order medication

Advertising Your Friend's Face Is The Best Protection Against Hackers

Facelock replaces traditional passwords and protects data with a face recognition system.

Design Google Faces Detects Human Features On Hillsides

Design studio Onformative developed an algorithm to search the tech company's Maps function for areas of land that look like physical features.

Home Panasonic’s New TV Feature Can Recognize Faces

Unveiled at CES, the latest TVs give each user a personalized home screen where they can save their favorite shows, etc.

Technology Unlock A Smartphone Just By Looking At It

‘Face Unlock’ for Android allows users to unlock their phone with facial recognition instead of a typed-in passcode.

Technology Kinect-Powered Online Banking Logs You In With Your Face And Voice

The ETRONIKA online banking system recognizes your face, voice and gestures to login and control the processes.

Home Apple May Use Face Recognition For Log-In & Device Personalization [Headlines]

The tech company has filed a patent for a facial recognition system for mobile devices.

Technology Visidon Applock Uses Face Recognition To Protect Your Mobile [Video]

The app uses your phone's front-facing camera to verify that your face matches and grants you access.

Work Long-Range Facial Recognition In Development

Measuring the distinct geometry of facial features, 3D facial recognition technology is supposedly far more accurate than fingerprint recognition.

Innovation Human Face Perception Not Unique To Humans [Headlines]

When it comes to picking a face out of a police lineup, would you guess that you would use some of the same processes a pigeon might use. Innovations Report

Design Face To Facebook: Hacked Profile Photos Become Facial Recognition Dating Site

Face to Facebook is a database of one million stolen Facebook profiles filtered with the help of face‐recognition software, and then uploaded to a customized dating website.