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Innovation 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Starbucks to launch phone charging mats, texting can be a grammar skill booster and London is a hotspot for surveillance technology.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Buzzfeed and CNN to produce video content, Dove faces Facebook backlash and Amazon to deliver groceries.

Home 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook video ads are coming, no initial Google Glass ads and KFC's millennial marketing fail...links to start your day with.

Retail 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook to track in-store purchases, Paypal launches Square competitor and Google Glass to be available at year's end...links to start your day with.

Technology People Who 'Like' Brands Rarely Interact With Them On Facebook [Headlines]

Report shows that only one percent of users actually pay attention to businesses on the world largest social network site.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: Facebook's Firehose Of Brand Data

Making sense of the enormous amount of data and branding potential on Facebook.

Advertising American Express Members Can Now Pay For Facebook Ads With Rewards Points

The latest social commerce iteration sees credit reward point converted into online currency.

Design Bergdorf Goodman Looks To Facebook For The Design Of New Fendi Bag

The high-end luxury retailer has launched a contest to crowdsource the design of its next Fendi 2Bag.