facebook credits

Your Facebook Posts Could Soon Be Making You Money

The social media giant is exploring new ways for users to monetize their content

Retail Facebook Loyalty Program Is Changing The Face Of Customer Rewards

Plink teams up with chain restaurants to offer Facebook Credits to diners.

Technology Facebook Working With Developers To Test Its Credits For Websites

The social network hopes that its virtual currency will become a payment option across the internet.

Work Could Facebook Credits Work As A Real-World Currency?

The Purple List, PSFK's network of experts, considers the future of virtual currency.

Advertising Facebook Payments Could Shake Things Up

The social networking site forms a promising or "threatening" fiscal subsidiary.

Gaming & Play Facebook Credits Gift Cards Come To Target Stores

With its recent partnership, social-networking giant Facebook makes its first foray into physical retail space.

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Advertising Cashless Economy: Dibspace Founder's Bid To Live On Virtual Currency For A Year

To draw more people to his site, Dibspace founder, Dominic Canterbury, plans to pay for everything from rent to food for an entire year using nothing but virtual currency.

Technology Facebook Plays Monopoly With PayPal

PayPal announced a strategic partnership with Facebook, giving users of the service another payment method for ads, as well as their Facebook Credits, a site-specific virtual currency.