Facebook Friends

Technology Social Media Reputation Doubles As A Credit Score

Tech startups are starting to use things like social network pages and friends to determine the risk of lending money to people.

Advertising 3D Printed Christmas Ornament Made From Social Network Data

SapientNitro's star-shaped decoration has points of different lengths, depending on how many Facebook friends a person has around the world.

Luxury Interactive Music Video Looks Like Texts Between You & Facebook Friends

MNDR puts fans in their video using data from the social network to create a personalized exchange on the iPhone and a truly tailored experience.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mobile Travel Guide Illustrated With Photos From Your Facebook Friends

Jetpac collects the public photos and locations your friends have shared on the social network from their trips and holidays.

Technology Listen To The Best Of Bollywood Through Your Facebook Timeline

Gaana.com's new app gives users access to a large collection of Hindi and regional music they can share, in order to build engagement on the social network.

Retail Etsy Finds Gift Recommendations For Your Facebook Friends

The handmade marketplace's online tool suggests items based on people's likes and interests.

Technology Location-Based Method To Suggest Friends On Social Networks

Cambridge researchers use location-based tracking to help suggest friends for social network users.

Work In the Door: Search For Jobs With A Little Help From Your Facebook Friends

New site helps job seekers find opportunities at companies where their friends work.

Advertising Making Facebook Physical

English artist Benjamin Lotan offers to print a wall poster of all your Facebook friends.