facebook likes

Advertising Display Facebook 'Likes' at Your Real-World Establishment

Fbox is a physical counter device that enables businesses to show off their social media following

Luxury Mike’s Hard Lemonade Honors 1 Millionth Facebook Like By Changing Brand Name

The alcoholic drink is now known as Paul's Hard Lemonade.

Technology Art Project Slowly Dies As People Like It On Facebook

Like To Death transforms social media into a mortal time-based experience by presenting a portrait that disintegrates with every thumbs-up.

Advertising Pepsi Vending Machine Accepts Likes Instead Of Cash

The soft drink brand's latest promotion uses Facebook feedback as digital currency.

Technology What Facebook Likes Reveal About Users' Personalities

The University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research have found that attributes can be predicted by analyzing digital behavior.

Design Smart Vest Squeezes Wearer When Someone Likes Their Activity On Facebook

The Like-A-Hug garment connects to your Facebook account and inflates to give you a hug when someone responds positively to your comment or photo.

Retail Dutch Fashion Label Thanks Its Facebook Fans In Digital Window Display

Scotch & Soda 'likes' them back and features their names in its flagship Amsterdam store.

Retail Smartphone Apps Crowdsource Music For Gap Store Based On Facebook Likes, Profiles & Votes

Roqbot lets customers' preferences influence what tunes play while they're shopping.

Gaming & Play New App Personalizes User's Entertainment Interests And Aggregates Upcoming Events

A new app uses users' Facebook interests to help them find music, movies, television, books, and games that they're likely to be interested in and suggests upcoming events based on this information.

Design Volkswagen Social Media Vehicle Built With Facebook Likes

Vote for your favorite out of the T1 campervan or the Beetle and the winner will be made complete with lots of special features.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: Facebook's Firehose Of Brand Data

Making sense of the enormous amount of data and branding potential on Facebook.

Advertising LG Facebook App Creates Infographic Of Your Likes

The application lets users see a personalized visual overview of their 'Like' history.

Advertising Banana Republic's Facebook Fans Given Access To Mad Men Collection Presale

The brand's limited edition collection goes on sale a day early, exclusively on Facebook.

Gaming & Play Springwise: Bacardi Turns Facebook ‘Likes’ Into Real-World Events

The spirits manufacturer is featuring fans' Facebook 'likes' in a series of events, titled 'Like It Live, Like It Together,' in an effort to transcend the boundary between the online and offline worlds.