Facebook Live

Shopper Marketing & Promotion White Castle Hosted A Facebook Live Stream To Promote Its Chicken Rings

The prominent fast-food chain created a humorous home-themed show to connect with its customers in real time for 42 minutes, making use of social media in an engaging brand activation and promotion

Syndicated Has Facebook Live Reached The End?

Less than a year after Mark Zuckerberg paid millions to media companies to promote online live video coverage, the Facebook founder is changing tack

Advertising KFC Pits Gamers Against Grimers In Facebook Live Event

The fried chicken franchise tries to connect the disconnected with a mash-up of two popular Internet groups

Retail Facebook Adds Donation Buttons For Non-Profit Organizations

By adding the feature to live videos, organizations can reach out to audiences easier without taking them off of Facebook

Pocket Camera Aims To Make Live Streaming Better

The Mevo helps resolve the complexities of streaming video with an intuitive setup and smart editing controls

Work WATCH: Future Of Work Morning Salon

For those unable to attend in person, we'll be Facebook Living our Future of Work event, where we'll explore the new rules for developing leadership

Technology Facebook Is Beginning To Act Like A TV Network

AMC aired the first episode of their new show on social media giant's streaming service

Advertising Find PSFK's Future Of Advertising Report On Slideshare

Access the full supporting presentation of PSFK Labs' new report for a limited time